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I managed Paul as part of the hibu Global Website product team. Officially, Paul came to the role with broad experience in web sales and operations however Paul's depth of knowledge and experience in the digital ecosystem far exceeded what his background would have suggested. In addition, Paul brought an extraordinary level of engagement, often seeking to going above and beyond in search for solutions that not only provide good commercial benefit to the company but more specifically created focused benefits for customers and employees. Paul always approached his goals with energy, strong attention to detail, quick turn around and an innate curiosity. Paul is a strong collaborator and garnered the support of stakeholders across each of the operating teams - from technology, sales, operations and product. I would highly recommend.
Marston Gould
August 2014


Paul has an excellent mastery of digital advertising and how it works, and doesn't work, when poorly deployed. This skill and knowledge allowed him to spearhead the development of a range of website product offerings which went on to be sold in their hundreds of thousands! He also has a gift for taking complex Product and Service Solutions and creating and delivering training that inspires and motivates both Sales and non-Sales people alike. Paul is a very affable and a great team player, it is a pleasure to work with him and I have no hesitation in recommending him to a future employer.
John Tooher
Senior Global Operations Executive
August 2014


Paul Altobelli has extensive experience and knowledge of what makes a website effective and how to bring that website to market to gain relevant conversions. He has exceptional platform skills and I've had the pleasure of leveraging his talents at many of my sales rallies and business meetings in person or as a webinar. The sales reps can relate to Paul and love attending any training that he does. He is proficient with the many changes that Google, Yahoo and Bing apply through self education and practical hands on applications. He is a joy to work with and is someone that I would highly recommend for any event centered around building websites and marketing them effectively.
Linda Terrizzi
Regional Vice President - Hibu
August 2011


What good are sales if you can't execute? Paul's SEO expertise, marketing experience and smart strategic thinking has enabled our sales organization to excel in entering this space over the past three years. Under his watch, we've created, optimized and launched more than 200,000 websites for local businesses across the U.S.! He's also overseen our SEO efforts and created an effective, scalable process. He's consistantly our "go to" expert within the space - I'm glad to have him on our team.
Rich Hargrave
Regional Director, Channel Partnerships
Internet Marketing Digital Sales Executive/Strategist.

June 2011


In many ways Paul is the "go to" person in our digital media world. He is forward thinking with an eye to the next product or enhancement. Very sales friendly and willing to take the time to share his knowledge with others!
Mark Boudreau
Regional Vice President-Digital Media Sales
June 2011


Paul is a true subject matter expert. Paul stays on top of the trends and watches the industry closely to ensure that he knows the latest and the greatest. Paul also does a great job in presenting his analysis regarding the search friendliness of any website. He can easily make strong recommendations and as a value add, make the changes himself as he is able to get down into the weeds if required!  I enjoyed working with Paul and would absolutely bring him into any new web venture.
Julie A. Bowers-Donovan
Executive Vice President, Account Services at Saatchi & Saatchi
July 2008 


While at Harte-Hanks, Paul was a valuable asset to the Digital franchise. He has a great understanding of digital marketing, and is an expert in the field of SEO/SEM. I would regularly consult him on my projects to make sure we both optimized from both an organic and paid search perspectives and exceeding our clients goals. I would recommend Paul for any positions of leadership with a marketing or digital emphasis.
Michael R. Abrams
Director of Project Management at Tonic Design Co.
June 2008


There aren't a lot of people who can call themselves Search Experts. Paul is one of those who can. A fantastic e-marketer, Paul excels in the SEO/SEM field, and can easily be recognized as a pure expert in this field. I refer to Paul early and often on the latest and greatest in the every changing search world. It is the most complex "e" landscape and Paul is at the forefront. I welcome the chance to work with Paul again on anything digitally related. He comes highly recommended.
Gary W. Druckenmiller, Jr.
Internet Executive
June 2008

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With Matt Cutts at   #  SES  , 2012

With Matt Cutts at #SES, 2012