The Roundup: Southern Rock Playlist

On June 20, 1981 The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, Marshall Tucker, and The Allman Brothers Band rocked Philadelphia's JFK Stadium in what was billed as The Roundup. Looking back at that bill it was probably one of the best southern rock lineups ever to play the same stage in one day. Sadly, I did not go to that concert. At that time in my life I did not listen to or enjoy southern rock. It wasn't until I was probably in my thirties did I "discover," understand, and appreciate The Allman Brothers and the genre they help architect, Southern Rock. A few summers ago on July 4th I decided I wanted to create a southern rock playlist. In the years since I first really heard "Ain't Wastin' Time No More" I've come to the conclusion that nuthin’ defines summer American music more than southern rock. Think about it -- what goes better with 80 plus degree temperatures, barbecue, hot dogs, hamburgers, cold beer, and apple pie -- than Lynyrd Skynyrd? The following list is by no means the definitive southern rock playlist. It is, however, at least for me, a list that defines what southern rock is all about: honest, dirty, hard working, and all American.

The Roundup, June 20, 1981, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA
The Roundup, June 20, 1981, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA

As mentioned in the book High Fidelity, there is a certain art to making a great mix tape or CD. What songs you choose, and how you choose them, will largely affect how much your efforts will be appreciated. I believe the same can be said for the playlist - the modern-day mix tape. For this playlist I followed these rules.

  1. I included songs that I heard on the Philadelphia stations WMMR, WYSP, and WIOQ.
  2. I included songs that I programmed or played at WCXR.
  3. I included border-line country / rock songs that were not played on the traditional rock stations but, in retrospect, should have.

This playlist is presented alphabetically by artist. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions.

Download/Print - The Roundup: Southern Rock Playlist (pdf)